Graduation-Less by Jamie Landeau, age 13


NEW YORK, NY— It is 2020, and it’s been almost two full months since everyone stopped going to school and started school at home. For me personally, it’s been stressful, trying to keep up with school work.
I am an 8th grader. Since second grade, I had been looking forward to walking across a stage and reading a speech that I had prepared for months and then walking up to my principal and getting my diploma. It’s a big transition from middle to high school, despite the fact that both in this case are in the same school building, and I was looking forward to a small celebration with friends and family. But little did I know, the second week of March would be my last week of school for the remainder of the school year.

I should’ve trusted my mother— she said this all would happen back in early February. I believed her but I still had hope. Maybe we would only stay home from school for a month, I thought.
Wow, was I wrong.

Almost two weeks before my school closed, teachers made it extremely clear that if we were to transition that students would show their faces and answer anything the teacher asked them or they were to be marked absent. But the sad part was, as it turns out, we are also strictly forbidden from talking to each other during class. What if we don’t have each other’s numbers? What if we don’t have friends outside of school to talk to? They did not consider that before they decided to cut the academic classes off at 6th period… I have a zumba class for 7th period and I have a free period to talk with friends for 8th. It’s been hard.

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