Titanic II – Disaster Sails Again? by Gwendolyn Lweke, 10

New York, NY—  Same design. Same ocean that swallowed the last. Same tragedy? Many Americans are worried about the possible danger in sending another disaster across the Atlantic.  As a young girl who has grown up watching James Cameron’s Titanic, reading every


Coronavirus Hits Baseball by Sachin, 11

   NEW YORK, NY— That ball is hit deep into left field. Looking up, see ya later!! Do you love baseball? Do you watch the whole season from spring training to the World Series? In the 2020 season, many teams were struck with

A Covid School Year By Bee Kanew, 10

MANHATTAN, NY– Who on earth would think that you would ever have to wear a mask to school? Doing school online?  You’ve gotta be kidding me. Staying 6 feet apart? What!? Well, that is reality now. Schools all over the world have

My City in Flames by Sierra Krueger-Wolf, 16

MINNEAPOLIS—A community at war with those meant to protect and serve, I thought as I drove down Lake Street on my sixteenth birthday, May 26. Breathing in acrid breaths of smoke, this was not the present I had expected, watching businesses I

The Real Value of an Essential Worker by Skye Hoffman, 11

STUDIO CITY, CA—Before the pandemic, people like delivery workers weren’t considered to have very important jobs. Now, they are “essential workers” and even “heroes” and thanked for their service. I spoke with some of these people to see what it’s like to

A Cinderella Story by Julia Barney, 11

NEW YORK CITY – One year ago, Zoom was just another app, in another app store, on another device. We scrolled past it, with little thought into what we were doing. Barely anybody touched the blue and white logo. Now, Zoom has

A Clean(ing) Perspective by Elira Punter, 12

New York City—“Stay home, because we can’t,” is a phrase that is spreading like wildfire to show that while we stay sound asleep in our home or running about through the day, cleaning staff are working their hardest to disinfect and clean

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