Mechanical Madness by Alex Tucker, age 14

WASHINGTON, DC– The pandemic has forced millions to work from home, forcing a rethinking of our computers, what our bosses see behind us, and containment chambers for children. We now purchase masks and hand sanitizer like never before, have picked up new

Word Wheels by Zachary Mullens, 10

Directions: Try to find as many words as possible! They must by five or more letters, letters can repeat, and you must use the middle letter. Try to find the big word, using all of the letters!

Recipe: Noodles Special by Chloe Giglio, Age 11

My mom makes this delicious noodle recipe that I love. You will have to cook several things, and then combine them all together in the end. It takes a lot of steps, but everything is worth the taste! Fortunately, she gave me

How to Draw FiFi by Lola Glass, Age 12

Fifi is my little sister. I bent reality a little when I drew her in my cartoony style, just to fit her personality. I gave her a crazy, adorable hairdo to match her adventurous (and dangerous), lively spirit. She is currently missing