Dream: A Lesson in Apologies by Hugh Black, age 15

New York, NY– When the public tends to go after a figure with a large platform, there are usually similar ways they go about it. The effectiveness of these tactics are in question much of the time, and even how successful they

This Isn’t Just a Game… by River, age 11

NEW YORK, NY— Animal Crossing New Horizons. The game everybody has been playing during the COVID era, every day going into their little world where for some people, they’re not actually lonely. They have villagers to keep them company, can meet up


Women’s Soccer by Teagan Arnold, 10

New York, NY—This year has been hard for us, from COVID to sports, Black Lives Matter, the death of RBG, and lastly, the election. But there is a long-standing problem in women’s soccer, something that is not talked about a lot. Women’s

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