Secrets For The Best Dish: Thanksgiving-Style Stuffing by Carol Romero, age 13


How much do you love stuffing? A lot? With the tender, soft chewy taste melting in your mouth, you can’t help but smile with glee. Who wouldn’t want some?

According to a primer from Market Basket Foods,  “The History of Stuffing,” stuffing has been traditional since “[s]ome time between the 2nd century BC and the 1st century AD [when] a chef by the name of Apicius created a cookbook entitled, Apicius de re Coquinaria.” Some recipes in Apicius’s book that feature stuffing include rabbit, chicken, dormouse, and pig. Over the centuries, stuffing recipes have shifted and evolved, all the way to my aunt’s kitchen. 

During the holidays when my aunt cooks stuffing, it always turns out extremely delicious. Everyone in our family falls in love with her stuffing, especially me.

So I interviewed my aunt, Hiroe Romero, to see how she makes her delicious stuffing. She is a great cook, and I love this recipe, so the first thing I wanted to know was how many times she makes this stuffing a year. A couple of times for special occasions, she explained to me, for example on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Asked how long the process usually takes, she took a deep breath. “Usually one hour or more, the thing is I kinda simmer it a little bit at the end, a little bit over an hour maybe?”

“Who knew food could bring so much joy to families?” she added.

How many people can eat the stuffing you make for one serving?

About eight to ten people can eat it in a serving.

Why is this dish special?

Because it’s handed down from your great great grandma, mom from your grandma.

How long has this dish been around?

At least fifty years or more.

What store/s do you go to get the ingredients?

Usually I go to Sprouts or Trader Joes. 

Do you have the recipe for the stuffing written down or memorized? 

I have the recipe on the paper-lots of ingredients to prepare.

Is stuffing one of your favorite dishes?

Yes, one of my favorites, not the favorite.

What is your favorite kind of dish?

Japanese dishes. 

The Recipe for the Stuffing

-Ground beef 1lb

-Garlic and onion

-Boiled egg 

-Chicken stock


-Bread 6 slices 



-Italian seasoning 

First you stir fry beef, onion, and garlic until they are well cooked. And then you put in chicken stock and wine and cook it for 10 minutes. Then you put the bread in, little by little, to thicken the stuffing. You put the rest of the ingredients and the salt and pepper in at the end.

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