Mail-in Mayhem By Bee Kanew, 10

New York City- Coronavirus has caused many things to happen differently, and one of them is the 2020 presidential election. Voting places usually get very crowded, with thousands of people wanting to vote. Lines stretch down the street, from early in the

Your Voice, Not Your Vote by Lara Daliana, 15

NEW YORK CITY, NY – For the past few months, people have been bombarded by ads telling them to vote. Television, YouTube, and social media sites are riddled with short videos and thumbnails to “vote for your life” or “vote 2020.” However,

Fake News, Real Polls by Pia Daliana, 15

NEW YORK CITY, NY – “How to: Prevent a Zombie Uprising!” screams a pro-Trump ad with a picture of Joe Biden’s head photoshopped to be green with a zombie emoji, scared face emoji, and ghost emoji. This is the first thing on

UNPLANDEMIC By Sam Zwick-Lavinsky, 13

NEW YORK CITY, NY – This year, the world was swept with a global crisis straight out of a nightmare. Nations everywhere were left scrambling to find a way to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Some countries employed mandatory mask-wearing, while others

From the Mind of a Mayor by Ben Edidin,14

LOS ANGELES—We have all experienced hurricanes, COVID-19, and racial injustice from our own perspective. However, I wanted to dive deep into these things from a mayor’s perspective—someone whose job is dedicated to preventing and keeping us protected from these types of things. 

The Mayors Respond By Sami Elhaik, 13

SAN FRANCISCO—Every day Tim Rogers, the Mayor of New Paltz, New York, gets asked “What’s next, what are you gonna do?”  Over a month ago, Rogers watched the video of George Floyd’s killing and found it insufferable to watch. He took time