TikTok Turbulence by Addison Oken, 14

BOSTON—On July 9th, TikTok users and influencers were faced with a sudden fear. The popular app, with over 800 million users, was glitching. Each video displayed zero views and likes, although comments and shares stayed the same. Millions of people posted their


Camp Corona? by Addison Oken, Age 14

BOSTON—Swimming, tennis, arts and crafts; all simple things that, today, carry a huge risk behind them. COVID-19 has ripped many kids away from their second home: overnight camp. However, for the brave few camp owners, summer will not be stopped. Although, opening

A Tale of Two Cities by River, Age 10

BROOKLYN, NY— COVID-19 is definitely not an equal opportunity killer. In two cities, the virus has affected them in different ways. While NYC is struggling with the virus, it seems that a city all the way in Taiwan isn’t very worried.“Everything here