Springsteen’s Song Showdown by Sachin Mehta, age 11


 NEW YORK, NY— The Boss, Doctor, or is it Bruce Springsteen? Yes it is him, the best composer of all time! From his newest album Letter to You to his best songs, every single song is good. But there are ten that knock out his other 332 songs! Bruce Springsteen is a good musician who has been playing with the E Street Band ever since 1972. To be honest, he has made the best songs ever. All of his music has strong lyrics and music from all of the instruments, so up ahead you’ll see pretty much the finest songs ever! 

Bruce is amazing, even if he is 71 years old. He still does concerts on his own, like the 2018 one on Broadway in New York City. Then, the night of Joe Biden’s Inauguration, he played “Land of Hope and Dreams” by himself, just him and his guitar! Bruce Springsteen has made many songs, but there are 5 songs moving to the top, so keep reading to find out Bruce’s top 5 best songs.

5. Coming in 5th place is a song from the album Born to Run! What could it be? Can you guess? You probably have heard of it, “Thunder Road.” Yes, “Thunder Road” has made it. The songs beat all of his other 332 songs! This song takes most of his songs off the list because this song is one of the most powerful. He starts on the harmonica, then starts singing with his low voice, and then the piano comes in too. Soon enough the guitar comes in with a Southern sound to it. He stays at the same pitch as before. Then, the guitar and drums get a slight bit louder. Finally, it starts getting a lot of power after he says, “Oh oh, come take my hand.” Then it turns into a higher powered song, and what is unique about this is that it is not the instruments, but his voice, that adds the power! Later, he finishes the song with a very powerful riff that has a trumpet, drums, guitar, piano, and a type of horn. Mixed together, it is an amazing ending and will make you want to re-listen to it! The song shows a lot of meaning. It really shows how much confidence that Bruce Springsteen put into making this song! It definitely takes number 5. But on the corner of 5 and 4 is another amazing song by Bruce, so let’s check it out.

4. On the runner up list, 4th place goes to “Dancing in the Dark,” from the album Born in the USA. The song starts with a solid riff which stays blended in when Bruce starts singing “I get up in the morning.” Then after he says, “I go to bed feeling the same way,” he changes the riff just a little, but later in the song, about 20 seconds later, it changes back to the beginning part of the song. Then throughout the song, he stays with sort of the same riff and some trumpets come in. Nearing the end, all of the instruments come in to finish the song. This song takes 4th because throughout the song you can feel his energy through the guitar and his voice! Another song also has a very solid powerful voice, could it be next on the list?

3. This song is one that brings back memories for many people. It starts with the piano, and then the guitar and drums come in. What song is this? It is hard right? Many of his songs start like this, but this one is the best out of all of his songs like this. Coming in at 3rd is “Backstreets.” Why is this the best song out of all his others like it? It has just a perfect blend of Bruce’s voice and the piano! Throughout the song, he is singing clearly and with a lot of power. Throughout the song, the piano has pretty much the same riff. It is kind of a sad riff. His voice really sounds sad too in the song, as if someone died and he has to sing a song at the funeral. He has this low-feeling, down voice throughout the song, and in parts of the song, you can feel it coming from down in his chest. At the end of the song, you will have tears coming down your face because of how sorrowful the song is. Wow, this song could take 1st, but there are two more songs that take the lead. What is in 2nd? 

2. In 2nd place, we have one of the most famous songs. Coming in at number 2 on the list is “Born in the USA”! It is simply a really powerful rock song. From start to finish, the song is a strong, loud, sad song. You can’t really tell in the song, but after you learn about what the song means, you’ll know its sadness! The story is how the USA veterans did not respect Asians after the Vietnam war because the Americans lost the war to Vietnam and were kind of bad sports in a way. He pretty much explains how a veteran has to deal with this and how he loses so many loved ones. Throughout the song, you can feel the regret that the veteran felt, especially in the beginning of the song right when he starts singing. It definitely has a lot of regret and sad memories in an energetic way!

1. Finally in first place, the song that is the best song by Bruce Springsteen is … “Land of Hope and Dreams,” a song that is one of the only happy songs that Bruce has created! The song starts with Bruce singing faintly and asking if you want to ride the train to freedom. Then, after all of the faint singing comes all of the instruments. All together, your feelings go away and you are just dreaming in paradise! The song talks about people going on a train to the land of hopes and dreams. Throughout the song he describes the journey, like when he says, “ Grab your ticket and your suitcase.” He also says that the land of hope and dreams is a magical place where life is amazing. Such as when he says, “Tomorrow there’ll be sunshine and all this darkness pass.” Soon enough he starts naming types of people who will or are traveling the train. He names saints and sinners, losers and winners. Throughout the song, he is giving a lot of detail in this journey and what it is like in this paradise world. It is the place that you would want. So he is kind of telling us “Come and you will get all of these amazing things.” 

Wow, even in the top 5 of Bruce’s songs, there is already a lot! But you know that out of all of the other composers, Bryan Adams, Joe Satriani, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Ozzy Osbourne, can’t beat the songs that Bruce Springsteen has created over his 57 years of singing. Nothing will ever be able to challenge his music. It is just too good. However, some people don’t like him. Don’t think you have to like him, but I would advise you to. A few songs that could have made the list are … “Burning Train” (from the newest album, Letter to You), “I See You in My Dreams” (Letter to You), “Devils n Dust” (Devils n Dust) and “The River” (The River). So there you have it, five of the finest songs ever! Would you support Bruce throughout the rest of his lifetime, or just go with other composers? You get to choose, but I would go with Bruce, The Boss!

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