Endangered Animals at Risk by Kiwi age 12

WHY WE NEED TO ACT NOW On one sunny afternoon, the last two white rhinos, both female, eat and play together in Nairobi, Kenya, watched by guards while scientists think about a way to reproduce them. These poor rhinos are the only


Vaccines Finally Developed By Roka age 12

Local Students Share Thoughts BEIJING – Many local students are anxiously waiting for a vaccine developed in the last year, hoping it will release them from the coronavirus. Recently, the first vaccines for preventing the virus have finally been developed. Grownups and

Staggering Journey Toward Racial Equality by Angel Xin

How the Black Lives Matter Movement reshapes Black stereotypes in China SHANGHAI 上海 – James Fallon, a 34 year-old debating coach still remembers an incident fifteen years ago. He was in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a group of friends when he noticed

Travel During the Corona-Crisis by Victor Chen, 16

SHENZHEN, CHINA— Tony Lee, a Chinese undergraduate currently studying at UC Berkeley, felt frustrated, relieved, as well as grateful on his way home. Chinese students abroad come back to China any time they please usually, but only had this one chance in

Adapting to a Remote World by Pomona Liu, Age 12

SHANGHAI, CHINA— Nowadays, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, all of us must stay indoors to be quarantined. Students have eLearning work and live lessons; adults still go out to work. The COVID-19 health and safety issue will be recorded in history.

Graduation-Less by Jamie Landeau, age 13

NEW YORK, NY— It is 2020, and it’s been almost two full months since everyone stopped going to school and started school at home. For me personally, it’s been stressful, trying to keep up with school work.I am an 8th grader. Since