The End of Animal Testing? by Brian Zhao, age 13

In this day and age, many of our medicines bring with them not only the ability to help our colds, but the end to thousands of animal lives. Animals are used in the millions to test different drugs, and most of them

Hannah Davis: COVID Long Hauler by River Kuo, age 11

NEW YORK, NY— On Day One, March 25, 2020, Hannah Davis couldn’t read a text message. “It wasn’t about anything complex—just trying to arrange a video call—but it was a few sentences longer than normal, and I couldn’t wrap my head around


Vaccines Finally Developed By Roka age 12

Local Students Share Thoughts BEIJING – Many local students are anxiously waiting for a vaccine developed in the last year, hoping it will release them from the coronavirus. Recently, the first vaccines for preventing the virus have finally been developed. Grownups and

Stuffed Peppers Recipe by Elira Punter, 12

GRANDMA’S KITCHEN—I was a very picky eater when I was younger. The only thing I would stick into my five-year-old mouth was  Chipotle and my grandmother’s food, but I was still skeptical about it. I had no idea what she did in