Ski Belleayre by Sachin Mehta, Age 11

New York, NY– “Belleayre Mountain is open for the day and all slopes are open!” Do you ever wonder where is the next ski/snowboarding mountain? Well, if you ever travel to New York state, you have got your answer in the Catskills

The Trends Uprising by Eve Mooallem, age 10

New York, NY– Baby Shark doo doo doo.. Ahh don’t you remember those days? Well, now we have a whole new set of trends that have been brought to us by hectic 2020. Who knows, maybe some of these awesome trends will

COVID-19 Interstate by Sachin Mehta, age 11

New York, NY– “When is the next exit?” My family and I went on a long journey through the states in a car, during the deadly COVID-19 virus. Will I survive this 27 hour road trip, or not? Read on for a

Beauty is Within by Gwendolyn Lewke, age 11

New York, NY– Has your beauty bag been looking sad and empty lately? Do you find yourself at Sephora, confused with the lack of clarity? Have you ever asked the associate at the front desk what she recommends and she simply tells

COVID-19 Vaccines: The Medical Side by Sachin Mehta, age 11

New York, NY– Coronavirus has taken away many things, but could these two vaccines, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, be the start of a new beginning? Read on to find out more about the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in this COVID-19-infested world.


Women’s Soccer by Teagan Arnold, 10

New York, NY—This year has been hard for us, from COVID to sports, Black Lives Matter, the death of RBG, and lastly, the election. But there is a long-standing problem in women’s soccer, something that is not talked about a lot. Women’s