COVID-19 Vaccines: The Political Side by Theodore Garfinkle, Age 10

New York, NY– Do you want to know how the U.S. political parties feel about the new COVID-19 vaccines? Do you want the scoop on what two opposite parties think about this vaccine?

I interviewed Kevin O’Hare, a member of the Libertarian party. O’Hare thinks that this vaccine will work. However, he says “I can’t speak for how my party feels, I’m a Libertarian, so I’m sure the opinions are very widespread. The general idea of Libertarians is live and let live. So I would guess most like the option of the vaccine, but are not excited about mandated vaccines.” Of his own beliefs, he says ”I don’t want to get this vaccine, that’s not to say I won’t.” Despite the fact he does not want to get this vaccine he said, when asked how likely he was to get the vaccine on a scale from 1-10, “A 10.” 

O’Hare knows two workers in the medical field who got the vaccine. One of the people, a 20-year-old, got severe, flu-like symptoms, not coronavirus symptoms. We do know that neither of these people were hospitalized.

On the other hand, the Green Party is the polar opposite of the Libertarians. Mr. Peter Quinn-Jacobs, a member of the Green Party, thinks that the vaccines will be mostly effective. He, unlike O’Hare, said that he did want to get the vaccine. Quinn- Jacobs said that he does not want to get the vaccine before other people who deserve it or need it more than him get it. You might be wondering, how much does this man want to get the vaccine? A 10. “At some point I will get it,” Quinn-Jacobs said. He knew a few people who got the shot. Contrary to O’Hare’s testifications, he said that neither of them got sick. This vaccine can have varying side effects, so these accounts are both probable.

In a general survey, 12 people were polled on how they feel about the COVID-19 vaccine. A majority of the survey respondents were Democrats who were very excited to get this vaccine. About ¼ were already vaccinated and had all said a version of the same thing: The vaccine was great, but it hurt a bit.

Kerry Dierebrg, a Democratic doctor from NYU Langone health said “I felt very relieved to have received the vaccine, and also very grateful that I was able to receive a vaccine so quickly. Physically, I did not feel well for a few days with fever, chills, headache and muscle aches.”Although there are multiple accounts on how effective people thought these vaccines are, Science has proven that all these vaccine effectiveness percentages do not drop below 72%. For a vaccine, that is immensely effective. Folks, politics and science are both slimy, but the difference is that politicians can be liars, science: there’s no chance.

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