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The Police I Know… by Sofia Ogulluk, 11


LONG ISLAND—”Good cops are sick to their stomachs” over the death of George Floyd, Camden County Police Chief Joseph Wysocki, told People Magazine. He marched in June in solidarity with protesters. According to CNN, “Some officers have shown solidarity with the movement by hugging protesters, praying with them, mourning with them, and taking a knee to honor Floyd.” 

In Portsmouth, Ohio, police officers knelt down for George Floyd and others who had lost their lives. At first, when the police officers came out, protesters were confused, but after they knelt, protesters were thankful for their support. Datoine Robinson, the protest organizer, said, “I didn’t think they would actually do that.” These officers are trying to gain trust within their communities.

Right now, a lot of negative attention is focused on police officers who have committed crimes against people they were meant to support. It is important to me that, during this time, we acknowledge the police officers who are helping their town and communities.

I interviewed Police Officer Papa from the police district in my neighborhood to talk about her experience about being a police officer during quarantine and during the current protest movement. She shared that one of the important reasons she wanted to become a Police Officer was to help protect and serve her community. She and others at Nassau County Sixth Precinct have been doing so by responding to the many calls of help. She mentioned that we can help officers by reporting suspicious activities and being vigilant. During these times she appreciates the communities who support the police by smiling, waving and talking to them. She would like everyone to know the police are here to help their community at all times and are here for them 24/7.There are many police officers who are very upset about the fear they instill in people. This was clear in the video that went viral about a young, white female officer who became very sad when she saw the fear in the eyes of a young Black girl who looked at her. She came over and spoke with the mother and daughter to try to rebuild trust. “This is what we need right now, some sign of hope,” said the mother.

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