The Trends Uprising by Eve Mooallem, age 10

New York, NY– Baby Shark doo doo doo.. Ahh don’t you remember those days? Well, now we have a whole new set of trends that have been brought to us by hectic 2020. Who knows, maybe some of these awesome trends will stay in 2021?! Well, just keep reading to learn about some of these trends people can’t get enough of right now. 

One of the biggest trends right now is playing Among Us. Among Us is a multiplayer game. In Among Us, you have to do tasks, like taking out the garbage and rewiring things. But wait, it gets more exciting! As you do the tasks, you should keep an eye for suspicious activities because there is one decoy that is pretending to be a crewmate on the ship but is actually an imposter! I only started playing Among Us a couple weeks ago and it’s really fun. My friends all know a lot about Among Us and have been teaching me how to be better at playing it. As 2021 goes on, I think Among Us is going to turn into something like Minecraft.

Another well-known trend is making bread. I have made bread a couple of times, and I found it challenging but fun. I wanted to get other peoples experiences, so I interviewed Kayla Pearce, who makes bread constantly. The reason why Kayla started making bread was because it started to become trendy on social media. During the lockdown, Kayla had lots of extra time to spare, but she also said not everybody has that luxury. I don’t think many people realize this, but not everyone has loads of time to try bread making, even due to the pandemic when most people are working from home. Front line workers don’t have all the time in the universe to make a loaf of bread. People who get that experience are very lucky. One big question that I think most bread makers are wondering is “Will people still make bread after the pandemic?” Kayla thinks that she will still make bread after the pandemic because she bought so much yeast and it would be a shame to waste it. Most people that love making bread bought big packages of yeast and you use very little yeast for each loaf of bread. Kayla said “I really like the interactive tactile part of it”. Other things that she likes (and I think lots of bread makers out there do) are eating it and getting to punch the dough down after it is proved. You might know this term “proved” if you like making bread a lot (or if you watch the Great British Baking Show!). It is a fancy way of saying after your bread has risen. When you imagine a scene making bread, you would probably imagine a very warm room with some tea. Well when you make bread, it’s more about making a mess with flour and using those muscles to knead some bread. The main reason why I think making bread became such a popular thing to do was the amount of time people had because of the pandemic and that most bakeries and shops were closed. Well that’s enough bread talk for now, let’s talk about another trend!

TikTok food trends are very popular right now! Some trends that are really popular are the Baked Feta Pasta trend and Quesadilla Hack. I have tried the Baked Feta Pasta trend and it was so good, and easy to make. Apparently, the Feta Pasta recipe originally had chili. Jenni Häyrinen, the creator of the dish says, “I just could not sit back anymore and watch people not add chili to it! So I posted the original viral recipe on TikTok too!” Another trend that was very popular during the pandemic is the Dalgona Coffee trend. Dalgona coffee is a mix of instant coffee, sugar, hot water and milk. It is mostly known for its looks, which is an ombre fade between the coffee and cream. Really, what makes a food trend a food trend? Something doesn’t really become popular if it doesn’t look good and has something unique about it. For example, Black Tap’s famous milkshakes are known for their exquisite and eye-catching presentations. Another trend is Dominique Ansel’s Cronuts where he combined a croissant and donut to make a delicious new pastry. What makes lines go to the end of the block are the creativity and oddness of food trends. 

Whew, that was a lot of new trends! Who knows, maybe some of these trends will stay in 2021, or maybe there will be a whole batch of new ones. We will just have to wait and see. For now, we have these awesome trends to work with. Be creative! Think outside of the box! Who knows, maybe something that YOU make will become a new big trend.

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