COVID-19 Vaccines: The Medical Side by Sachin Mehta, age 11


New York, NY– Coronavirus has taken away many things, but could these two vaccines, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, be the start of a new beginning? Read on to find out more about the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in this COVID-19-infested world. Life before the virus, those were the days. Why is this vaccine a big deal and what will come in this new era, the COVID-19 vaccine times? 

Let me guess, do you not want to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Is it because it’s a shot? Well the 46th president Joe Biden got his vaccine in December and afterwards he said that “he is grateful that the vaccine has become available and hopes that if you get the chance to get the vaccine no matter who you are you should take the chance.” Doctors are also hopeful. Infectious disease doctor and head of the transplant institute at NYU Langone, Sapna Mehta, says that hopefully one day everyone will be vaccinated “but we have to wait for more research in children. For example, the vaccines haven’t been studied in children. We also want to know if it is safe for people with weak immune systems.” For some people, the vaccine may hurt, but for others, it might not hurt as much. 

     Many people really want to get this vaccine for protection against COVID-19. On the other hand, some people are anxious about the vaccine, like people who don’t like shots. Some people will even ask if the shot hurt. Sapna Mehta says “Yes my arm was very sore for a couple of days after my vaccine, but I did not have any lingering effects” after she got the shot. Like the flu vaccine, it can cause some side effects, but it’s different for many people. The 81-year-old former doctor Praful Amin says “You shouldn’t get the injection on the side which you sleep on.You get a little light headedness, but I did not get any fever.” The side effects can vary from headaches to soreness to dizziness to other symptoms. If you want to learn about what will happen if you get the COVID-19 vaccine visit the CDC website.

 If you are thinking about which vaccine is the better one because you want to get the right one, even though the Pfizer came out first and may have faster data, and the Moderna was second and has the latest data, infectious disease doctor Sapna Mehta says, “We don’t have published data to compare it head to head.” So if you have the chance to get the vaccine, choose whichever one you want!

 This vaccine could still save the world, but some people are not taking the virus seriously because they think that the vaccine will completely stop the virus. “Some people are very excited about it as the possible end to this pandemic and a way to protect themselves from the pandemic. Other people are hesitant because it is a new vaccine,” says Mehta. She states that some people are hesitant to get the shot. Others either do not care about shots or want to get the shot plus be safe. Others still do not want and do not like shots. The 44-year-old teacher Michelle Trauman says “I don’t mind that much. I dislike getting blood drawn much more.” But on the other side, Raj Mehta, a retired elderly man says “No, I don’t like getting shots because of possible reactions,” which makes sense because obviously most vaccines/shots have a reaction after the injection. 

There is someone in the middle in this case. Laura Owsiany, a Program Manager at Writopia Lab says “I don’t think anyone particularly likes shots, but I am excited to get the vaccine because it’ll make me feel more comfortable in public,” which shows how this virus is really making people uncomfortable. 

This world has been through a lot, and more is still to come! This pandemic is bad and really unlucky for many people. On the other hand, we have these saviors, the vaccines, which are helping out a lot. Still some people are not being too careful and are still keeping this virus alive. On the horizon there are two new vaccines! One made by Johnson-Johnson and the other by Novavax. Will this be enough to stop this ongoing pandemic?

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