Ski, Snowboard, and Smile by Teagan Arnold, age 10 and Gwendolyn Lewke, age 11


Have you been missing the rushing, flying feeling of speeding down the mountain? Why does it all have to be wiped away from you? Why can’t you apply CDC guidelines to your skiing lifestyle? Take some time to learn about the new guidelines for skiing at Ski Catamount in the Berkshires. 

There are so many new helpful rules and suggestions to help keep skiers safe. Since this is Gwen’s home mountain that she goes to a lot, we had a bit of an idea of what we were getting into. When we visited this weekend, we noticed that you had to wear masks indoors and outdoors, and you have to stay six feet away from each other. You also can only eat in the lodge for 30 minutes. There are rules for not just eating and staying in the lodge, but for when you are on the chair lift, “If you arrive together, you ride together,” and not going on the chairlift with someone you are not with. 

In an email to returning families at Catamount, they mentioned some COVID-19 guidelines: “Due to Covid-10, the logistics of your experience will be different, and we are asking everyone to work with us to make this year a success. Please do your part to help make sure we are not the ‘reason we lose our season.’” In a newsletter from Jon Schaefer, the new 2021 owner of Catamount Ski, he mentioned that the season was “on” and the Catamount community would get through the uncertain times together. “As 2021 approaches, we’d like to remind our community that for all of the challenges wrought by 2020, there is a lot of good to focus on as the year changes again,” he says. 

A couple of other mountains in the area like Ski Butternut and Ski Hunter Mountain have similar guidelines. Hana Kurian, a recent skier at Hunter Mountain, a nearby Berkshire mountain, said Hunter had some pretty smart thoughts about how to keep the season safe. “They said it was very important to wear a mask, and social distance, especially while in lift lines. You do also have to go on a lift with your family and friends, not random people in the lift line, like before the pandemic.” 

There are so many changes now, but we all know that it won’t change our love for skiing and everything it brings us.

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