Waving and Wavering by Henry Goldrich, Age 13

EDGEMONT, NY—We’re in my parents room, on the bed, watching the news. I see the Confederate flag on the screen and think, “Why aren’t people taking it down if they see that it’s hurting others?” What is the meaning of the confederate

How Much Longer?! by By Noah Houriani, 12

LOCATION—Mom! That is what we always say when we are sad, mad and hurt. Moms are the ones who always play with us, comfort us, and love us. We need our moms no matter what. However, to a certain extent, moms can’t

My Evening With Chase Granoff by Zane S., 11

“Hope the block is still standing.” “We’re still standing.” The above is a conversation between two of Spike Lee’s characters in one of the most important and necessary films to date, “Do the Right Thing.” If you haven’t seen the film, the

Rising to the (Online) Challenge by Katherine Giroux, Age 16

Baltimore, MD—With reports of overwhelmed hospitals, impending economic disaster, and an ever-dwindling supply of toilet paper, a world in lockdown looks to the internet to make the most of time in quarantine.With so much time on their hands, people around the world