One Side Of A Two-Sided Story By Madelyn Duong, 11

New York, NY—In the midst of COVID-19, people have been outraged about both the police brutality against Black people and about the looting that sometimes has occurred in some areas. Protests have happened all over the country and have had an impact,

One Fist in the Air by River, 11

BROOKLYN—Dorchen Liedeholt is a lawyer and activist for women’s rights and on the board of directors for an organization called Sanctuary For Families. She was walking to the hospital to drop some things off for her mom when she saw a sea

Finding Juneteenth By Erinda Ratchford, 14

Newark, New Jersey—Picture this: the echoes of fireworks in the sky, air smelling like sweet barbecue sauce and music turned up to the max. Fourth of July? Let me stop right here. No. Today we’re discussing a celebration—not as popularized but even

The Police I Know… by Sofia Ogulluk, 11

LONG ISLAND—”Good cops are sick to their stomachs” over the death of George Floyd, Camden County Police Chief Joseph Wysocki, told People Magazine. He marched in June in solidarity with protesters. According to CNN, “Some officers have shown solidarity with the movement

U.S. Prisoners During the Pandemic by Vera Gjaja, Age 14

NEW YORK, NY— COVID-19 is rushing everyone into quarantine, isolation, and an influx in sales of medical equipment, to the point of making these difficult to access for medical workers. But prison inmates do not have this luxury of medical care, protective