Will Schools Open? by Nina Rogers, 13


NEW PALTZ, NY—I picked up the phone at 7:30 p.m on a Wednesday night. I was calling Brian Cournoyer who is a member and board president on the New Paltz School Board. 

“I have been on the school board for six years, but this is my first year back because I had a break for two years.” he said. 

During all those years he has never been in such a unique challenge as this one. He believes that the schools could be ready for openings in the fall, but only if everybody follows the rules. “We could be ready to go back, but we have to rely on what the governor has to say and wait for his guidance. The governor will be our full authority for if we are opening the schools or not.” 

Brian also informed me on how the students would stay safe and educated at the same time. “For the students to be in the same building altogether, everyone would have to wear masks and stay a distance of six feet apart. This is the best info we have for keeping each other safe, and this is the best thing for openings in the fall.” A few states including New Jersey have announced openings. 

Covid numbers are decreasing dramatically in NY state, but in Texas and Arizona the numbers are skyrocketing. Nonetheless, they are also planning on opening in the fall.

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