How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube: A Guide for Beginners by Sebastian Waldman, Age 10

Materials Needed:
Rubik’s Cube
That’s It.
I’m Serious.
That’s all you need!
…Maybe a piece of paper to note this if you can’t remember.
Things To Know:
The colors stay in the same place. For Example, Blue will always be across from Green, Red will always be across from Orange, and Yellow will always be across from White.
There are 3 types of pieces. Corner, center, and edge. I think you can tell which are which.

Locate the yellow centerpiece.
Locate the 4 white edge pieces.
Twist and turn the layers of the Cube to get the white edge pieces on the side with the yellow centerpiece (trust me!).
Look at the color on the side of the white edge pieces.
Line up the color on the side on one white edge piece with the same color centerpiece.
Flip the side around so the edge piece is on the white side.
Repeat steps 4 – 6 until all white edge pieces are on the white side.

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