Your Voice, Not Your Vote by Lara Daliana, 15

NEW YORK CITY, NY – For the past few months, people have been bombarded by ads telling them to vote. Television, YouTube, and social media sites are riddled with short videos and thumbnails to “vote for your life” or “vote 2020.” However,

Fake News, Real Polls by Pia Daliana, 15

NEW YORK CITY, NY – “How to: Prevent a Zombie Uprising!” screams a pro-Trump ad with a picture of Joe Biden’s head photoshopped to be green with a zombie emoji, scared face emoji, and ghost emoji. This is the first thing on

UNPLANDEMIC By Sam Zwick-Lavinsky, 13

NEW YORK CITY, NY – This year, the world was swept with a global crisis straight out of a nightmare. Nations everywhere were left scrambling to find a way to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Some countries employed mandatory mask-wearing, while others

A Covid School Year By Bee Kanew, 10

MANHATTAN, NY– Who on earth would think that you would ever have to wear a mask to school? Doing school online?  You’ve gotta be kidding me. Staying 6 feet apart? What!? Well, that is reality now. Schools all over the world have

Stuff to Do When You’re Stuck By Ava Resnick, 10

MANHATTAN, NY– It seemed impossible. All of it. A pandemic called Coronavirus spreading throughout the world. Staying indoors as much as possible, and if you ever went outside, staying six feet from others. Everyone wearing masks? No one ever saw that coming.


BROOKLYN, NY– In front of every main courthouse in America, flowers and signs beautifully decorate the steps and candles are lit for that special person… we all know who she is. The second female justice of the U.S supreme court, the first-ever

My City in Flames by Sierra Krueger-Wolf, 16

MINNEAPOLIS—A community at war with those meant to protect and serve, I thought as I drove down Lake Street on my sixteenth birthday, May 26. Breathing in acrid breaths of smoke, this was not the present I had expected, watching businesses I

Staggering Journey Toward Racial Equality by Angel Xin

How the Black Lives Matter Movement reshapes Black stereotypes in China SHANGHAI 上海 – James Fallon, a 34 year-old debating coach still remembers an incident fifteen years ago. He was in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a group of friends when he noticed

The Real Value of an Essential Worker by Skye Hoffman, 11

STUDIO CITY, CA—Before the pandemic, people like delivery workers weren’t considered to have very important jobs. Now, they are “essential workers” and even “heroes” and thanked for their service. I spoke with some of these people to see what it’s like to

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