A Cinderella Story by Julia Barney, 11

NEW YORK CITY – One year ago, Zoom was just another app, in another app store, on another device. We scrolled past it, with little thought into what we were doing. Barely anybody touched the blue and white logo. Now, Zoom has

Stuffed Peppers Recipe by Elira Punter, 12

GRANDMA’S KITCHEN—I was a very picky eater when I was younger. The only thing I would stick into my five-year-old mouth was  Chipotle and my grandmother’s food, but I was still skeptical about it. I had no idea what she did in

A Clean(ing) Perspective by Elira Punter, 12

New York City—“Stay home, because we can’t,” is a phrase that is spreading like wildfire to show that while we stay sound asleep in our home or running about through the day, cleaning staff are working their hardest to disinfect and clean


TikTok Turbulence by Addison Oken, 14

BOSTON—On July 9th, TikTok users and influencers were faced with a sudden fear. The popular app, with over 800 million users, was glitching. Each video displayed zero views and likes, although comments and shares stayed the same. Millions of people posted their

The Books You Should Be Reading by Luna Newman-Thorne, 10

“Harry Potter.” “To Kill a Mockingbird.” “War and Peace.” These books are all classics that almost everyone has heard of, and many have read.  There are so many amazing books in this world. Unfortunately, a lot of them haven’t been discovered by


Camp Corona? by Addison Oken, Age 14

BOSTON—Swimming, tennis, arts and crafts; all simple things that, today, carry a huge risk behind them. COVID-19 has ripped many kids away from their second home: overnight camp. However, for the brave few camp owners, summer will not be stopped. Although, opening

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