Hannah Davis: COVID Long Hauler by River Kuo, age 11

NEW YORK, NY— On Day One, March 25, 2020, Hannah Davis couldn’t read a text message. “It wasn’t about anything complex—just trying to arrange a video call—but it was a few sentences longer than normal, and I couldn’t wrap my head around

Why Gun Violence Needs to End by Bee Kanew, age 11

NEW YORK, NY–On March 16, 2021, eight people, six of Asian descent were killed at spas in Atlanta. The gunman claims this had nothing to do with racism but this sparked shock and fear for Asian Americans. According to NBC news, there

Mechanical Madness by Alex Tucker, age 14

WASHINGTON, DC– The pandemic has forced millions to work from home, forcing a rethinking of our computers, what our bosses see behind us, and containment chambers for children. We now purchase masks and hand sanitizer like never before, have picked up new