Camp Corona? by Addison Oken, Age 14

BOSTON—Swimming, tennis, arts and crafts; all simple things that, today, carry a huge risk behind them. COVID-19 has ripped many kids away from their second home: overnight camp. However, for the brave few camp owners, summer will not be stopped. Although, opening

From the Mind of a Mayor by Ben Edidin,14

LOS ANGELES—We have all experienced hurricanes, COVID-19, and racial injustice from our own perspective. However, I wanted to dive deep into these things from a mayor’s perspective—someone whose job is dedicated to preventing and keeping us protected from these types of things. 

How Much Longer?! by By Noah Houriani, 12

LOCATION—Mom! That is what we always say when we are sad, mad and hurt. Moms are the ones who always play with us, comfort us, and love us. We need our moms no matter what. However, to a certain extent, moms can’t


Waving and Wavering by Henry Goldrich, Age 13

EDGEMONT, NY—We’re in my parents room, on the bed, watching the news. I see the Confederate flag on the screen and think, “Why aren’t people taking it down if they see that it’s hurting others?” What is the meaning of the confederate

2020: The Best Year Ever? by Noah Houriani, 12

LOCATION—Fireworks. Countdown. Ball Drop. Everyone was on their heels during New Years Eve, waiting for the next decade of 2020. They didn’t know what was about to happen! From the Australian and L.A. fires to Kobe Bryant’s tragic death, the BLM protests,

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